Jennifer Elisseeff, Professor Of Biomedical Engineering At Johns Hopkins University, Discusses The Concept Of Engaging The Immune System To Rebuild Tissues.

Dr. Jordan J. Green, Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Warren Grayson is a Professor In Biomedical Engineering At Johns Hopkins University. His Lab Seeks To Address The Challenges Associated With Engineering Functional Craniofacial And Orthopaedic Constructs For Use In Therapeutic Applications.

Otolaryngologist Alexander Hillel, M.D., Director Of The Johns Hopkins Complex Airway Clinic, Discusses Complex Airway Disorders (Layngotracheal Stenosis), How To Get A Correct Diagnosis And What Treatment Options Are Available Depending On The Severity Of The Disease.

Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineer Jordan Green Talks About A Goal Of His Research: Making Nanoparticles That Could Program Cancer Cells To Self-Destruct.

Jamie Spangler, Ph.D., Speaks About Her Work Designing New Proteins To Harness The Immune System For Targeted Disease Therapy. She Is An Assistant Professor Of Biomedical, Chemical And Biomolecular Engineering At The Johns Hopkins University And School Of Medicine.