Kevin Yarema

Kevin Yarema

Senior Lecturer


drug development, stem cells, tissue engineering, neurological disorders, metabolism

Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering

Our laboratory takes a multifaceted approach to study and manipulate glycosylation, the addition of complex sugars to the cell surface. Our goals are to better understand human disease while forwarding carbohydrate-based therapies. By controlling the type and level of glycosylation through “metabolic glycoengineering,” we are learning how glycosylation affects a cell’s fate and environmental interactions. We also study the impact of magnetic fields on cell signaling.

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Cancer Research: Your Cells’ Sugar Diet

For Kevin Yarema, research is sweet.

Yarema, an associate professor in Biomedical Engineering, has focused much of his efforts on metabolic glycoengineering — the ability to manipulate cells’ natural process of ingesting sugars and converting them into complex sugar structures that cover the cell surface.

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