Hai-Quan Mao

Hai-Quan Mao



biomaterials, regenerative medicine, therapeutic and vaccine delivery, immunoengineering, nanomedicine, stem cells

Director, Institute for NanoBioTechnology
Professor, Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Our lab specializes in engineering nanomaterials for delivery of therapeutics and vaccines, regenerative medicine, and stem cell engineering applications. We aim to enhance nanoparticles’ efficacy as gene and vaccine delivery vehicles and develop scalable methods for synthesizing self-assembled nanoparticles—while controlling their shape, size and surface properties. We also use biomaterial platforms to influence stem cell fate and promote tissue regeneration.

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Antibiotic Coating Prevents Orthopaedic Joint Infections in Animals

The incidents are rare, but the repercussions can be grave: Every year, about 1 to 2 percent of people undergoing hip and knee replacements in the U.S. end up with surgery-related bacterial infections. In a worst-case scenario, the infection continues for months and the patient requires a new prosthesis.

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