Alexander Hillel



laryngotracheal stenosis, scar formation, tracheal transplantation, laryngeal tissue engineering, voice and airway disorders

Professor, Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

The Hillel Laboratory investigates laryngotracheal stenosis, or scar formation in the airway. Specifically, we are examining the interrelationship between genetics, the immune system, bacteria and scar formation. The lab has developed unique models to study laryngotracheal stenosis and to test drugs and delivery methods—including a drug-releasing stent—that may halt the progression of or reverse scar formation.

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Comprehensive Treatment of Laryngotracheal Stenosis

One night in October 2013, when Kinzie Landers was 14 years old, her parents rushed her to the local emergency room near their home in Texas as she was sliding into a coma. Unaware that their daughter had type 1 diabetes, her parents listened helplessly as doctors explained that they’d need to intubate her. She was minutes away from losing the ability to breathe on her own.

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